Critical Race Theory: It’s a Cancer Not a Cure

I’m half white and half black. My melanin doesn’t change my worth or my propensity to sin. Yet we live in a culture where we are told that our skin color confers upon us a status that is fixed, assigned by an elite class of humans who call themselves “scholars.”

Woketopia, here we come!

The video had plenty of blame and self-denigration. It was incredibly hard for me to believe this was the organization that I once served, for years, as a chapter Board member. I don’t even recognize Bethany anymore.

Biden’s HHS is lying about Title X to push abortion

There is no health equity when it comes to abortion. Women bear the brunt of the physiological and psychological consequences of abortion. Men don’t. There is no health equity, regardless of hue of skin or socioeconomic status, if you’re a victim of abortion. The Biden administration is lying to the American public about Title X. The only thing that should be aborted is the new rule wrapped in old lies.

Patriotism and pride

It’s interesting how we move from the self-sacrifice of soldiers who’ve died for our freedoms into a month of self-obsession from LGBT activists who demand we give up our freedoms. We go from memorializing the courageous to merchandising the outrageous. In the process, we’re told to be good automatons and embrace “equality.”

Juneteenth and the freedom it unleashed

May Juneteenth remind us that Hope is never in vain—even when things seem impossible. Keep holding tenaciously to your faith. Though the reward of Hope is often delayed, truth and freedom will make their way and break through.

The CDC and pandemic propaganda

As a Christian, my heart breaks for those harmed by the world’s fake news, fake health and fake dignity. Love is Love? It’s great marketing, but only God is Love. And that truth is far more enduring than a hashtag sprinkled with broken and co-opted rainbows.

When the White House lies, unborn people die

Parenthood is full of many joys and difficulties, whether planned or unplanned. But it’s even more incredibly difficult for millions of women and men who look back at their irreversible decision to have their child aborted — an unrepeatable life erased because they bought the lie the abortion industry and its political allies keep selling.

An out-of-control school board gets reality check in court

Here in Loudoun County, an out-of-control school board is implementing policies without regard to the division and harm they are causing. The majority of these elected officials seem to forget their role is to serve the community by ensuring our taxpayer-funded schools are educating our children.