Ghosts, Ouija boards, and the line you don’t cross

If you believe in ghosts, I hate to burst your bubble, but they don’t exist. And by ghost, I’m using the traditional definition of a person who has died and is manifesting themselves in some way to the living, their spirit being trapped between this life and the next. No, there are no such things as ghosts. But there is something much worse that is real.

A letter from Hell

A Letter from Hell! is a very short video that fictionalizes an exchange between a young guy named Josh who resides in hell and his friend Zach who is still alive on earth. Josh’s letter to Zach decries his friend’s neglect where telling him about Jesus is concerned. Josh’s agony and fury at his friend are summed up at the end where he writes, “P.S. Wish you were here.”

Yes, there is a Holy Spirit

If you’re one of them, or confused about the Holy Spirit in general, then please keep reading and consider the biblical evidence that speaks to who the third person of the Trinity is.

When God says stop praying

And yet, surprising as it may be to hear, there are a number of places in Scripture where God says to stop praying. Given the verses above, what gives?