Colin Powell, The Art Institute of Chicago, and opportunity in America

According to General Powell, Prime Minister Yew replied, “Mr. President…you don’t understand. It’s not reversible. There is no other place where you can take a foreigner and plop them in and…five years later out pops an American of hyphenated background who can go as far as his talents will take him. It can’t happen anywhere else.”

How badly have we lost our way?

Chambers records that in 1933 he and his wife discovered that they were pregnant. Realizing that this would be very different considering they were both Communist spies in America, Mrs. Chambers went to make arrangements to abort the child. When she came home a few hours later she was very subdued and quiet.

The right to life amid a culture of death

I am often asked why I speak out on the abortion issue as frequently as I do. To me, that question would be analogous to asking Martin Luther King, Jr. why he focused so much of his life and ministry on fighting for equality under the law and in society for all Americans.

AFGHANISTAN: A name that will live in infamy

The great American “bugout” from Afghanistan — a betrayal revealing a level of incompetence from our American military, security and political establishment is both breathtaking and incomprehensible. They have just presided over a national humiliation that will reverberate around the globe with truly legally dangerous consequences extending for the entire life span of virtually all living Americans.

‘Unmasking’ critical race theory

After this week’s column it would be wise for Bill to employ a food taster at Capitol Hill receptions and D.C. dinner parties. Why? It is quite simple – he has told the truth to the progressive elites, and they often react viscerally and violently to such effrontery.

Proud to be American? Why grateful is a better word

For me, and for millions of Christians, being an American is a divinely bestowed blessing. Being born an American is like being born on third base in the great scheme of things and being proud of it is like being born on third base and thinking you hit a triple. No, we among all humanity, are the most fortunate of people, to have been, in the providence of God, born “American.”